"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


Communications Concepts, Inc. Also known as CCI, we are a local company that has been in business here on the Space Coast for over 35 years.

Did you know video really improves the impression you make when people visit your website.

Chamberlain Research conducted a series of test market research studies on the direct impact and effectiveness of video enabled websites on sales*. Here is what they found:

  • 82.6% Consumers more likely to buy from a company website that has a web video.
  • 73.4% Indicate significant increase in comfort level after viewing web video.
  • 68.4% Consumers more likely to buy products online after seeing a web video.

We can provide you a solution to modernize or as we call it VIDEOIZE your website at a price you can afford.

Communications Concepts is good at doing this as we are unique in that we are both a video production company and website development company all in one.

So, what would VIDEOIZING include?

Typically, we produce a few videos initially which include a very brief company overview video and introduction videos for your top 3 or 4 executives.

We make it easy. We provide template scripts for you and your executives to fill out and customize. Then we come to your location for a few hours and video record everyone.

After we complete location recording we edit the clips, add titles, addresses and phone numbers and digitize the clips in file format that works with most web browsers.

At this point, we can either give the files to you put on your website or if you are not sure your website host can handle videos, we will host the files and give you the links to add to your website. It will not be obvious to your web visitors that the videos are hosted elsewhere.

By the way, placing your videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites, in addition to your own website, will greatly increase traffic to your site.

TO SUMMARIZE, CCI will provide you with script templates, provide you an afternoon or morning of location production including lighting and custom backdrop, edit your clips and add titles and music to them and create the web files.

Here are some answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

SCRIPTS – Templates are sent by email immediately after contract is signed and payment method is approved.

SHOOTING SCHEDULE – Shooting is scheduled within one to two weeks of client returning completed scripts based on the template.

HOW LONG IS A SHOOT – Typically, a producer / videographer will be on site at client’s location 3 to 4 hours. This includes set up and load out time.

HOW MUCH IS VIDEO HOSTING – If a client needs CCI to host the videos there is an annual cost of $100.00 per year. If the client does not want to pay a video hosting fee and their website host won’t host the video, then CCI may post the video on free service such as YouTube.

So, why not get started right now.

For more information or to order call Anthony Hight at 321-783-5232 or email him at ahight@cciflorida.com

  • The statistical deviation on the results of the Chamberlain Research Study is plus or minus 1%.