"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


Communications Concepts (CCI) has been in business for over 35 years and you may know us as an AV or video production company.

That is our background and we still provide those services, but you may not know is we also specialize in proposal support work. Producing a winning proposal is a lot like producing a great video, it all comes down to great story telling. You have to know what your audience wants and how to tell or sell your story well.

CCI provides very good story tellers and we have honed our proposal writing skills by venturing with some of the best in aerospace and defense industries.

Your company needs to win that all important contract. You are good fit for the job and you have put together a winning management team, but who is going to tell that story. Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) may not be able to communicate their solutions well and who is going unify everything, so it speaks from one voice? Who will condense into a succinct concept and makes sure that every box is checked in the compliance matrix? CCI will help you get your messages across from development of first concepts through proposal production, delivery and even a presentation, if one is required.

We offer strong proposal management and writing services, graphics design, and orals support from creating Power Point presentations, to executive coaching to providing AV equipment services.

In just the last two years, CCI has worked on proposals for large companies like URS to small businesses like Precise Systems.

If you want more information contact Bill Allen by phone at 321-783-5232 or he can be reached by email at ballen@cciflorida.com