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America's Animal Astronaut Heroes

Nov 27, 2013. Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) produces new Space Documentary. America's Animal Astronaut Heroes tells of the lives & achievements of these brave explorers in a way easily understood by children and adults. Hosted by Billy Specht, former education director of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the Miami Seaqurium, this program is both enjoyable and educational.
The program though is much more than just a bunch of cute animal pictures. Many cool science demonstrations are already shot including explanations of gravity, microgravity, radiation, atmosphere and vacuums, centrifugal force, and more. CCI has shot exclusive HD footage for this program on location at the Brevard Zoo, Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and other locations known for space research.
Great historic footage…combined with simple explanations and fun demonstrations of the science needed for space travel as told by noted space and animal experts including NASA Astronaut & Veterinarian Richard Linnehan, Zoo Education Director Chris Delorey, Astronaut Hall of Fame Lead Educator Steve Lima, Spacecraft Hardware Processing Technician and a expert on early US Monkey Flights Roger McCormick, Retired US Navy Pilot who was responsible for spacecraft search and rescue Captain Dick Williams and others.

America's Animal Astronaut Heroes is now available on DVD. Click here to order your copy.