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Video Game Trailer Produced By CCI Gains International Attention

Nov 14, 2013. Firebrand Games, a video game developer has released a video trailer produced by Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI). The video is part of a worldwide announcement that their latest IPAD game, Mission Solar Flux, is now available for most all mobile devices.


In the Solar Flux game, players travel across the Universe saving dying suns from extinction. The game is based on real space science and requires players to use as little fuel as possible by leveraging the gravitational pull of interstellar objects such as planets, moons and asteroids in order to get the best score.

Being a space fan with his office right next door to the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, game producer, Alex Knight, felt it would be fun to link the game to real space exploration with the promo idea "Even Astronauts play Solar Flux!".
Alex sent storyboards of Firebrand's idea to Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI). Because of CCI's good working relationship with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and extensive experience successfully producing space videos, Firebrand contracted with CCI for the production of the video trailer

CCI coordinated with the KSC Visitor Center to use a real rocket gantry at the attraction's famous "Rocket Garden" and to shoot the needed scenes with the well known "Spaceman" on the gantry and at the Orbit Café.

In addition to working out details with the Visitor Center, CCI cast and hired a child actor that was called for in the storyboard with help of casting director Nancy McBride. CCI carefully planned and blocked the production so the entire spot could be shot in five hours prior the Visitor Complex and its facilities opening. CCI provided all the HD production gear, light and grip equipment and the five person technical crew for the shoot which went like clockwork with everything captured on time for the park to open. "It was great working with you and your professional (CCI) team. Everything went to plan." said Andrea Farmer, Senior Public Relations Manager of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
During post production, CCI made several suggestions to build on the concepts Firebrand provided including adding stock aerial footage, graphics and off-camera narration. "Both our (Firebrand) studios really loved the off-script intro and thought it really tied the first and second half of the trailer reveal together nicely. The VO especially goes a long ways to bring that narrative to life a bit more." said Alex Knight, game producer. For the final video CCI rotoscoped the "Orbit Café" logo on window since the actual logo was outside the shot.
Alex Knight of Firebrand said "I just wanted to thank you and the team for an outstanding shoot. Quite honestly everything involving CCI went very smooth."
For more information contact CCI at 321-783-5232.

About Firebrand Games - Firebrand Games is an independent publisher and developer of video games and interactive entertainment with studios in Glasgow (Scotland) and Merritt Island (Florida). The company employs around 30 talented and dedicated developers from all over the world. Since the company was founded by Mark Greenshields in 2006, Firebrand has worked on some of the industry's biggest racing and driving franchises including several Need for Speed titles, Race Driver GRID, Trackmania and Cars 2, all powered by our proprietary cross-platform Octane technology.

Firebrand Games is moving rapidly forward with new projects in development on more platforms than ever, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U, and is diversifying onto casual platforms such as iOS, Android and popular social networking channels. In addition to our successful work for hire business for our many distinguished clients, Firebrand Games began self publishing its own IP and games for social and mobile platforms in 2011.

About Communications Concepts Inc. (CCI) - Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) is digital media company headquartered in Cape Canaveral. CCI provides creative development, video and web production, E-learning solutions, proposal support and A/V rentals for a wide variety clients including local businesses and tourism, aerospace and entertainment organizations. CCI is an integrated company offering all services in-house with a large inventory of production and presentation equipment, studio facilities, edit suites and an award winning staff that shares over 150 years of professional audio/visual production experience.