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CCI Client Gets Recognized

Feb 8, 2013. CCI client Tom Marshall has been recognized for his work on his book, Price of Exit: Anthology.

His book is one of several books on the cover of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot's Association directory. The cover was organized by the association's Historian Emeritus Lt. Col. Mike Sloniker, USA (ret.). who used a collection of books he assisted the authors with; historical facts, sources and personal contacts, while they were written.
Mr. Sloniker frequently recommends them to people interested in the history of the era.

Tom decided to produce a documentary based on his book and he called on CCI to help put it together.
Tom brought us various tape and DVD formats that came from his personal collection and some have even come from the National Archives.
CCI then digitized and edited the many hours of Vietnam era footage to create the documentary.

Tom says, "The Price Of Exit: Anthology was created to disclose the historical sources and interviews relied upon in my book, published by Random House in 1998. Working with the highly skilled and talented staff at CCI-HD was a learning experience. It was far more interesting and enjoyable than I ever could have imagined.
The engineers and skilled professionals that have filmed space shots around the world, even made time for an entry level historian and film producer.
The results exceeded my expectations!
Thanks CCI-HD!"

CCI congratulates you Tom