"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."
CCI offers DVD/VCD Productions with the latest softwares


Imagine the convenience of having your marketing, training or promotional video on a DVD or Video CD format. Your program would be available to show potential clients, investors and employees anywhere there is a computer. No more searching for a VCR and monitor.

CCI's multi-media suite is equipped to digitize your existing video program and author a DVD or Video CD of your program.

If you don't have an existing program, you can use our video production services to capture your program and output it to a digital format.

CCI's Video CD services offer clients several options. We can create a Video CD that includes video, graphics, text and voice over narration or a combination of the above. The program is designed to automatically start when inserted into a player.

CCI can also create an Interactive CD program complete with menu options to help guide viewers to various parts of the CD program, video, text, graphics and narration. Our Interactive CD programs also contain contact pages with your company information and a link to your company website and other reference links of your choice.

Our staff can also customize your DVD or Video CD face with your design or create a design for you.

We also offer DVD and Video CD duplication services as well as DVD player and laptop computer rentals.